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List-Building Can Help Your Business

Well, for any of you who follow me, you already know that I believe in building a list of subscribers.  Now the key is, what is the best way to build a list?

I actually have 2 different sites that I believe can help you, both in their own way...

  1. 6k Giveaway Club will let you build a list using your TrafficWave.net autoresponder service.  I have the site automatically programmed so that as you promote, subscribers automatically join your list (the campaign you setup at TW) as well as will be included in your members are of the site.  The goal here is they are in your List at TrafficWave.net!  Click here to join 6k Giveaway Club!
  2. List Master is built for those who do not use autoresponder services, because either you do not want to have the extra expense, or you maybe you see the value in the key ingredient to List Master... viral list-building!  So, how does that work, you ask?  You promote and gain subscribers under you at List Master, then those members will also do the same... so, your list is actually a viral list through 10 levels of subscribers who you can "broadcast" via email every so many days (depending upon your membership level).  What about all the email, you ask next?  Well, the good thing about this platform is that it is not a mailer or safelist, because you will not receive email from others, unless they are your upline sponsor... you can only receive an email from your upline, which would be between 1 & 9 people max, yet you will be able to email everybody below you... this could potentially grow to thousands, or hundreds of thousands!  Click here to join List Master!

Now, how does building a list help your business?  Because, these subscribers joined your list (subscribed) because you offered something they were interested in, or they just want to keep up with you opportunities.  So, over time, you broadcast to your list and they grow to trust your leadership and recommendations, so when you promote something to your list, they potentially purchase what you are promoting, which means you make money!

Making money from your List is going to be one of the most profitable for you, which is why I highly recommend you use one, or both, of these services.  As a matter of fact, you can use both... those who subscribe to you via your autoresponder list are ideal candidates for you to promote the viral list building to, which in turn would "explode" the overall size of your list in List Master.

If you have any questions, as always, don't hesitate to contact me!

To your success!

  • James Manning
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Welcome to My New Blog!

I am very excited to announce that I decided to join GDI again!

Yes, again... because, years ago I joined, because this is a great product and affiliate compensation plan, but at the time, I just did not put any effort into the business.

But, recently I found the Action Power Team of GDI that has been underway for the past 11 months and is growing like wild-fire!

So, why is the Action Power Team so great? Like me, the Team Leader, Darius Edwards was in GDI years back, left and he decided to work the business again and he wishes he had never left, because he knows how much bigger his team could be now... YET, his Action Power Team is so big now some in this team are earning $30k per month!

That is NOT a mis-typed number... that is $30k per month!

So, because this is such an economical payment each month, with the ability to earn so much residual income, this is the business you should also consider joining.

The Action Power Team will place members under you, so we all work for you, for each other. Just click the link below:

Now, let me also share my latest page that I use to market this great program... the page is extra that the Team leader can create for you, if you desire:

Contact me if you have any questions, please, because I am here to help in any way.  Even if is one of my websites, please contact me.

All the best!

  • James Manning